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Originate your strategy from risk

The first duty of an organisation is to … anyone? anyone? If you answered “to secure sustainable competitive advantage” or “create shareholder value” I would argue that you’ve identified the second duty. Your answers would have won first prize between 2002 and 2007, but they have been shifted due to lessons currently being learnt about ignoring risk. Drucker says “The […]

I love a good UK election, me

I have no stake in the outcome but an amateur’s interest in a developed country which is steeped in ancient history and recent identity politics. Class, media, wealth, socialism, capitalism, liberalism and many ideas of the Enlightenment get an airing here, without the supernatural and supranatural factors of religion (Continental Europe) or race (South Africa). Some characteristics that have appeared […]

What is a team player?

I’ve never heard of a person in a professional setting disclaim themselves as a team player. This in spite of two general views on the definition: A team player always puts the needs of the team above their own. The tactics decided on by the team will be acceptable to this viewholder even if they are not aligned. The viewholder is […]

Management by Gardening

Image via Wikipedia A folksy look at putting thoughts on one of my accidental hobbies down. You’ll make mistakes until you find out what your garden is able to be You’ll lose plants through things that are out of your control. You’ll lose even more flowers as they are more delicate. But you’ll gain through windfall and pleasant surprises, so […]

Snippets: Treat shareholders as customers, and SocGen’s outlook

From The Telegraph 19 Nov 2009: How to buy shares with perks Consumers can gain benefits ranging from thousands of pounds off the price of a new home to a 30pc discount on Eurotunnel travel just for holding shares in certain companies. From The Telegraph 19 Nov 2009: Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for ‘global collapse’ […]

Shareholder E-communication is like global warming

Electronic communication to shareholders is a philosophy as much as a practice – where possible collect email and mobile addresses of your shareholders to communicate directly, and cut down the costs associated with being a listed company, eg on the JSE. Because there is an argument for and against, there is doubt. Which means there is no consensus, so policy […]

Schedule 23 – the book(e) make up tons

In discussion the other day we were puzzled as to why the majority of companies on the JSE do not take advantage of Schedule 23 for their regulatory communications to the market and shareholders. For issuing companies to embark on an electronic consent program, the following benefits accrue to company and shareholder: Email addresses of shareholders for direct communication Mobile […]


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