27 dinner – jozi

27 seems to be the number of ideas and answers to long-nurtured questions one hears/comes up with/is set right on/seeks clarification on. Thanks organisers.

Vinny Lingham wore his VC hat and threw down the gauntlet to Enterprise 2.0 aspirants: build it, we will come. He also introduced the new features of SynthaSite 2.0: basically Dreamweaver as a web app, for web 2.0 apps, for coders and code eschewers We’re picturing the day LAMP developers will refer to a SPUM- built site: SynthaSite, PHP, Ubuntu, MySQL.

Erik Hersman of Zungu spoke about Mobile opportunities in Africa. See earlier post on W3C and Mobile Web Initiative or see here, more relevant now with Southern Africa’s own W3C chapter. Really, if you’re an early adopter or pioneer-type, this is where you re staking pegs into rich, virgin soil.

Colin Daniels demystified Bullardgate. Pity, I was waiting for the Oliver Stone movie to come out. Bullard (Kevin Spacy); Bloggers (check your blogroll). Told us more about “The Times” launch, allows me to paraphrase Carlyle: “Close thy Nova, open thy Times”.

As for skyrove: wow. Future very bright, massive marketing opps but chips for scare tactics

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