A Continuum of Online Investor Information

Ofttimes, people come up to me and say “please stop taking pictures” or “get off my lawn”. Othertimes, I talk to them about communicating to their stakeholders in an online fashion.

There are many tools to accomplish this. The variety becomes a problem because clients may see it as a shopping list. The real issue is the usability. If you do NOTHING online, do you expect an analyst to go to the stock exchange or regulator, or your company’s head office, and ask there for a report at reception? Of course not.

Its a continuum, stretching from extreme discomfort at getting public information, to extreme ease of use. The client has to decide where to jump off this line. As it is all really low-cost technology, the question should not be solely around cost.

continuum of investor information

What one must bear in mind, is that we live in a multi-channel world. By making all the formats in the graph available, some will still choose to have a printed report, others a PDF, others will only concern themselves with the Excel while some will have scanned the newspaper.

You can’t be all things to all people, but you can give all the options to all people.

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