Blogs are eating tech media alive |

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Heinz writes with an article in Forbes on how [0]advertising in techmedia is drying up and going — where else? — into specialist blogs andGoogle. “Silicon Valley is booming again. But if you work in tech media,there’s blood on the floor. Take Red Herring. It hung onto its officesafter getting the eviction notice earlier this month. But gossip siteValleywag is breaking story after story not just on its beat — but aboutits woes. Meanwhile, bigger publications are hurting too: Time Warner’sBusiness 2.0 saw ad pages drop 21.8% through March from the same period ayear ago; PC Magazine’s editor in chief walked out the door after adpages fell 38.8% over the same period; and one-time online powerhouseCNET is reporting growing losses even as the companies it coversflourish. It may be happening in tech first, but there’s no reason thesame thing won’t happen, eventually, in every media niche.”Discuss this story at: 0.

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