Business Labour Government = Rock Paper Scissors

Recent strike action reminds me of a game we made up years ago. Elan and I were studying a politics course, and realised that in South Africa the following holds true:

Know them by their signals
Business: air squiggle (as in Waiter, I’ll have my bill now)
Labour: clenched fist salute
Government: admonishing stiff index finger

The air squiggle is difficult to do, the fist can be changed to a winning Gov hand with deftness on the downward “reveal”, and arguments about its accuracy in power politics will rage well into the second helping of Nachos con Pollo. We toyed with Media being a player bought and employed as an impact force, as it adapts well to fight any cause and is great at muddying the waters of any conflict.

Essentially the game teaches one about the intricacies of the South African playground market, in stores this Christmas. Chong Chah is gaining recognition through World Champs and an established study of ways to cheat.

Warning! This game is not supported outside the borders of South Africa. In the US you may experience a rigid finger from the temptation of over-utilising the all-powerful Government player. In China, the non-existence of organised Labour allows one to replace with the Bitter Lover: offering or witholding access to Chinese Government-needed raw materials for gifts.

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