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Trawling for advice on Vignette

I recently had the need to get information on Vignette (story server) in a hurry, and followed a certain methodology which is no doubt common to many. In order: Google Vignette’s site Wikipedia Phone dev friends Twitter Post a question on LinkedIn You could seperate the first 3 into old-style information harvesting (even wikipedia), #4 into common sense, and #5 […]

The Wisdom of Clouds

This first appeared in TechLeader, June 2008 I have this credibility problem with cartoons where, when they regularly reach behind their heads/into their coats, they tend to whip out gadgets/weaponry that outweigh them and flaunt Newton One to Three. For storylines, its weak. But for concepts like storing terabytes of data and other objects off your local grid, its incredible. […]

XBRL in 2008

Good piece by Confluence about how they see financial data going in 2008. Some key take-aways from this slightly-edited release: According to Kirk Botula, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, “There are many forces driving the automation of fund administration functions. These include the global expansion of fund companies, increased frequency of reporting across many different regulatory and accounting […]

Safari allows extensions

Safari for Windows launched today/yesterday, and while I have worked hard as a mozangelist, I think this is a good thing. Safari comes with third party extensions (webkit) which I have not played with, but after becoming addicted to XUL in FireFox, which I believe is wasted as a UI layout and script engine, I would love to see what […]

27 dinner – jozi

27 seems to be the number of ideas and answers to long-nurtured questions one hears/comes up with/is set right on/seeks clarification on. Thanks organisers. Vinny Lingham wore his VC hat and threw down the gauntlet to Enterprise 2.0 aspirants: build it, we will come. He also introduced the new features of SynthaSite 2.0: basically Dreamweaver as a web app, for […]