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Tim B-L on the Net, Web and Social Graph

Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web, has a great way of putting internet terminology into focus, from his unique vantage point. I reproduce some concepts here for simplification: The Net aka: The Internet (http, nntp, ftp, email), International Information Infrastructure Era: 1980s-1990s Realisation: It isn’t the cables, it is the computers which are interesting The Web aka: World […]

Cloud computing land: IBM and Amazon

IBM announced today their version of cloud computing, Blue Cloud. This comes shortly after Amazon’s announcement of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). “As more Web 2.0-style applications, which include lots of content contributed by end users, come online, companies will need to have better tools to handle them”, said Dennis Quan, chief technology officer of high performance on demand solutions at […]

W3C opens Southern Africa office

Went to the launch of this auspicious organisation and its Southern African presence at the Meraka Institute, CSIR on Monday 14 May. The W3C have been credited with “inventing” the internet (along with William Gibson, Al Gore and Bill Gates) but actually their Director is Tim Berners-Lee, of “inventing the World Wide Web” fame. Essentially they’re saw what the browser […]