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Online Disclosure

A Continuum of Online Investor Information

Ofttimes, people come up to me and say “please stop taking pictures” or “get off my lawn”. Othertimes, I talk to them about communicating to their stakeholders in an online fashion. There are many tools to accomplish this. The variety becomes a problem because clients may see it as a shopping list. The real issue is the usability. If you […]

Teching Teachnology for sustainability

I reckon that technology-ignorant clients are a double-edged sword. The Law states that whatever sophisticated concept you manage to run by them with no resistance, thou shalt be smitten with much rebuking about low-end things, eg: this content management tool doesn’t accept my MS Word tabs and indents! Shriek! I just want to print one piece of paper off this […]

Wagging the Long Tail in IT development

Serena software, developers of lifecycle management systems and the conceptualisers behind “Facebook Fridays“, embody the spirit of Enterprise social media: they take ideas from the user phenomenon of social media (w2) and apply it to the enterprise with remarkable results. They’ve adapted the retail and sociological ideas of the Long Tail into how it is relevant for the organisations’ internal […]

Facebook: 10 lessons for the enterprise (so far)

Love it or hate it, Facebook and other social media are here and they’re changing the online habits of your employees and customers. It would be churlish to dismiss social media as a fad with no impact on your organisation other than being a tool for employees to squander their billable time; at the same time, Facebook is not going […]

Tricky concepts

Concepts are funny old things. One struggles to define Web 2.0 and social media to the uninitiated, even explaining Enterprise 2.0 and the Attention Economy to the initiated (unless you’re Mike). Then you get arcane and difficult concepts like Zeitgeist /ˈtsaɪtˌgaɪst/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[tsahyt-gahyst], Stream of Consciousness, Knowledge Management and Schadenfreude /ˈʃɑdnˌfrɔɪdə/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled […]

Digital Natives will drive Enterprise 2.0 | Gartner research

Research firm Gartner have published a report underlining what many in the Enterprise 2.0 field, and what the previous post referred to: your organisation will have Web 2.0 technologies in it, some for business and some not, whether you like it or not. This change will come from your current and next generation of workers who grew up with internet […]

stand back and lead | the obvious

An excellent post on how to introduce new communication/technology changes into your business (aka Enterprise 2.0). I include post here with it’s attention-grabbing headlines: DO NOTHING And then your bright, thoughtful and energetic staff will do it for you. Trouble is they will do it outside your firewall on bulletin boards, instant message exchanges personal blogs and probably on islands […]

Knowledge and the communicating thereof

In an important body of knowledge, Thinking for a Living, Thomas Davenport argues that knowledge workers don’t respond to normal methods of management and extracting value from them. They demand the tools Dimension Data recently published a paper, Seven Key Considerations for Deploying Unified Communications Successfully, by Gavin Hill. I wish their superlative research allowed one to comment or engage […]