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Microsoft lets shareholders advise on director pay

I thought I’d capture all the links as they appear in Google news – to represent the news as and where it comes out. Microsoft shareholders to get ‘say on pay‘ TechFlash (blog) – Todd Bishop – ‎11 hours ago‎ Microsoft’s board says it will hold a non-binding, advisory shareholder vote on the salaries of the company’s executives every three years, starting with … Microsoft […]

Sharepoint bundles with Atlassion and NewsGator | RWW

Just like the first eight of engerland, Microsoft get to the loose ball slowly, but they drive on relentlessly, onward and on. Pardon the analogy, but that’s how MS is being interpreted by my RWC2007-addled brain. They are johnny-come-lately (not Wilkinson) along with other ERM giants to the benefits of enterprise 2.0, but once they’ve arrived their presence is felt. […]