Derek Abdinor

Online Disclosure

Shareholder E-communication is like global warming

Electronic communication to shareholders is a philosophy as much as a practice – where possible collect email and mobile addresses of your shareholders to communicate directly, and cut down the costs associated with being a listed company, eg on the JSE. Because there is an argument for and against, there is doubt. Which means there is no consensus, so policy […]

Schedule 23 – the book(e) make up tons

In discussion the other day we were puzzled as to why the majority of companies on the JSE do not take advantage of Schedule 23 for their regulatory communications to the market and shareholders. For issuing companies to embark on an electronic consent program, the following benefits accrue to company and shareholder: Email addresses of shareholders for direct communication Mobile […]

Microsoft lets shareholders advise on director pay

I thought I’d capture all the links as they appear in Google news – to represent the news as and where it comes out. Microsoft shareholders to get ‘say on pay‘ TechFlash (blog) – Todd Bishop – ‎11 hours ago‎ Microsoft’s board says it will hold a non-binding, advisory shareholder vote on the salaries of the company’s executives every three years, starting with … Microsoft […]

Insider trading and short-selling for the win

While insider trading and short-selling are largely strictly regulated and, on the face of it, discouraged, in most markets, there is an academic argument in favour of the two practices. From The Telegraph: At first blush the argument in favour of insider dealing was seductive. An insider who bought or sold shares had intimate knowledge of the company’s financial performance. […]

AGM format and materials deemed inequitable

Sasol’s empowerment transaction earlier this year was worth over R25 billion and added about 200 000 new shareholders to the Sasol share register. The impact at the AGM was apparently marked, with new members wanting materials in different languages and different formats.  From Fin24:  “Why are the presentations only in English, when you have many black shareholders represented in the […]