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Teching Teachnology for sustainability

I reckon that technology-ignorant clients are a double-edged sword. The Law states that whatever sophisticated concept you manage to run by them with no resistance, thou shalt be smitten with much rebuking about low-end things, eg: this content management tool doesn’t accept my MS Word tabs and indents! Shriek! I just want to print one piece of paper off this […]

XBRL: mash-ups for accountants

This first appeared in Techleader, June 2008 I’m grateful for search engines, but I still find it hard to accept living with Dead Text. Letters and figures on a screen. Not able to be mined, found, unlocked, extrapolated into meaning. What irks me in particular is tables of figures, especially financial information, that you would have to re-key into excel […]

Investor relating

I’ve just put down a fascinating article in an old issue of IR Magazine, about the differences in IR language between the US and UK. The premise is that while language and verbage are 99% the same, meaning and emphasis is totally different. For example, “challenging” in plc terms may mean ‘dire’, or ‘SELL'; in the US that could translate […]

The problem of linear governance | openaccountability

I was kindly invited by James Governor (aka Monkchips) of Redmonk, to participate in a pre-conference Wiki, OpenAccountability. James is hyper-passionate about sustainability and web2, and doesn’t mince words or dialectics; I foresee him turning his dab hand to shareholder activism in time. I posted there, thought it would fit here too… Corporate communication tends to follow a linear trail, […]

Shareholder activism and Motorola: (the billionaire way)

Shareholder activists are not parka-wearing, be-bearded, placard-waving activists. By definition, they need to own and control shares. Unfortunately, retail investors being what they are, also means they wont get much clout at the AGM. It helps if you’re a billionaire in charge of investment funds, and you aren’t happy the way that your investment is being managed. The mere whiff […]

PIC shows how it voted

The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) of South Africa released a PDF on its website on April 1, displaying how it voted at various AGMs. The PIC is tasked with investing the pension funds of government employees, and therefore tend to hold large chunks of equity in public companies. In fact, they hold over R700 billion assets under management, making them […]

The retail investor | the free library

This is verbatim: IR Firm Pushes Retail investor…-a0112360402 Has the recent runup in the stock market brought the individual investor, battered by years of losses, back into the market in a big way? Experts may be divided, but one sign that it has comes from the Financial Relations Board (FRB), a major public relations and investor relations firm. The […]

XBRL in 2008

Good piece by Confluence about how they see financial data going in 2008. Some key take-aways from this slightly-edited release: According to Kirk Botula, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, “There are many forces driving the automation of fund administration functions. These include the global expansion of fund companies, increased frequency of reporting across many different regulatory and accounting […]

The first annual report blog | next 15

Next Fifteen Communications Group’s annual report claims to be the first to incorporate weblog functionality into it. ‘We have an opportunity to expand the role of the annual report,’ comments Tim Dyson, chief executive of Next Fifteen. ‘We can transform it from a relatively dry summary of what’s gone on over the last year into a means of having a […]

Microsoft faces shareholder activism | the membrane is translucent

Ex-Dallas Cowboy football player, turned Reverend of Baptist Church, is miffed with Microsoft’s ‘pro-gay’ stance. Absolutely fascinating thought this is (javascript: void (irony)), my point is thus: By buying a share or twain he has access to the AGM where he can raise his point. PS. Through the article, I found out about Hugh McLeod’s idea of the Porous Membrane. […]

XBRL links

I’ve been asked for links to XBRL information, here you go. Suggest you read exponentially, ask me questions later;enjoy! SEC Readies XBRLTagging Rules for Financial Filings | XBRL: Is the Time Finally at Hand? | WebCPA XBRL Case Studies | Tag, you’re it: XBRL bridges the GAAP | CPA success To start using XBRL, the following steps are […]

Rule 26 for the LSE AIM companies v PAIA

In February 2007 the London Stock Exchange (LSE) introduced new rules for companies whose shares are traded on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), notably Rule 26 which requires listing corporate information. AIM Rule 26 requires all AIM-listed companies to maintain a web site displaying the details of a company’s management, corporate governance, and financial information, among other particulars. They had […]

The SUN comes out on investor reporting 2.0

A historic event occurred a few days ago with the release of SUN Microsystems’ fourth quarter and full fiscal year results, for the year ended June 30, 2007. They issued the release to the market/public in the following sequence: on the SUN website via RSS feeds through traditional paid subscriber channels Form 8-K (US mandatory filing) CEO of Sun, Jonathan […]

Business Labour Government = Rock Paper Scissors

Recent strike action reminds me of a game we made up years ago. Elan and I were studying a politics course, and realised that in South Africa the following holds true: Business trumps Labour through wages and restructuring Labour trumps Government through strikes, unions and the threat of the electorate Government trumps Business through regulation, taxation and transformation Know them […]

The Semantic (World Wide) Whinge

The Semantic Web (Web 3.0 to some) is difficult to implement, scientists and linguists are not agreed on the methodology, and technical experts have thus far been implementing it poorly. There are no answers, and for the moment, the debate belongs in academia. That’s the gist of this piece. And this whinge too. This is annoying. A semantic web, a […]

Blog intelligence

Picked up this article via IR magazine. In summary: IROs are beginning to monitor blogs about their companies Many blogs have far more credibility than chat rooms ever did Influential bloggers can affect reputation and even stock price Your disclosure policy should cover comments posted on blogs I created a blog for Barloworld in 2006, but with all the gatekeeping […]