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What is a team player?

I’ve never heard of a person in a professional setting disclaim themselves as a team player. This in spite of two general views on the definition: A team player always puts the needs of the team above their own. The tactics decided on by the team will be acceptable to this viewholder even if they are not aligned. The viewholder is […]

Snippets: Treat shareholders as customers, and SocGen’s outlook

From The Telegraph 19 Nov 2009: How to buy shares with perks Consumers can gain benefits ranging from thousands of pounds off the price of a new home to a 30pc discount on Eurotunnel travel just for holding shares in certain companies. From The Telegraph 19 Nov 2009: Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for ‘global collapse’ […]

Schedule 23 – the book(e) make up tons

In discussion the other day we were puzzled as to why the majority of companies on the JSE do not take advantage of Schedule 23 for their regulatory communications to the market and shareholders. For issuing companies to embark on an electronic consent program, the following benefits accrue to company and shareholder: Email addresses of shareholders for direct communication Mobile […]

200+ indian companies have irregular financials | Myiris

Via Twitter. Link to full article Essentially, IRIS did a survey on the financials of 1500 Indian public companies. Discrepancies appeared in over 200 of them; figure differences as opposed to accounting interpretations. One of the outcomes of the survey was to highlight the effect that XBRL will have in bringing such problems to light, and ultimately, to bring them […]

The Return of the King Code: out for review

Two codes of corporate governance have ruled informed public companies in the last 15 years in South Africa – the King codes. The third code was launched in Johannesburg last week for public review – you can view it here. Some interesting points: shareholders ought to approve remuneration, and an annual remuneration report needs to be published the audit committee […]

The future of the non-executive board member

The King II Code of Corporate Governance, which  recommends good practices for listed entities in South Africa, has always been in favour of companies having non-executive representation on the boards as well as the committees of listed companies. The reasoning behind these recommendation went as follows: non-executives are relatively impartial they bring different expertise and strategic input, being seperate from […]

SEC announces XBRL mandate: all systems go!

It’s here: the mandate for XBRL to become an official filing process, alongside EDGAR, for listed companies in the US.  The SEC announced this in a long-awaited roundtable today, 17 December 2008.  The IDEA system was launched today too. This has followed on the completion of the US GAAP taxonomies.    Immediate impact:  Companies that are listed in the US […]