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I love a good UK election, me

I have no stake in the outcome but an amateur’s interest in a developed country which is steeped in ancient history and recent identity politics. Class, media, wealth, socialism, capitalism, liberalism and many ideas of the Enlightenment get an airing here, without the supernatural and supranatural factors of religion (Continental Europe) or race (South Africa). Some characteristics that have appeared […]

Schedule 23 – the book(e) make up tons

In discussion the other day we were puzzled as to why the majority of companies on the JSE do not take advantage of Schedule 23 for their regulatory communications to the market and shareholders. For issuing companies to embark on an electronic consent program, the following benefits accrue to company and shareholder: Email addresses of shareholders for direct communication Mobile […]

Media: The first socially-networked president

TechPresident is an online aggregating service about all the US Presidential candidates’ use of online social media. You get to measure their effectiveness, or newsworthiness, on Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, and Technorati. Votojournalism The excellent portmanteau of Voter and Photojournalism, for voter-generated content where users post pictures of the candidates on the campaign trail, online. I think the term will be […]

Media: Blair spins around

Tony Blair rounded on the media this week, calling it a ‘feral beast’, only out to create ‘impact’, and singled out The Independent for special vitriol. One may agree with his rant, especially when taking into account the rabid sensationalism of the British Media. But, the first rule of dissecting politics: cherchez l’argent. In this case, Rupert Murdoch of The […]