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To poke Yahoo! or not

A recent analysis by Bear Stearns (BS) recommends that Yahoo! adopt a social networking (hmm, sound familiar in the local context?) by buying Facebook. One of my favourite Web 2.0 characteristics is that comment to a feature is regularly more illuminating than the feature itself, and in this case its true again; roll the good comments please: BS has questionable […]

The SUN comes out on investor reporting 2.0

A historic event occurred a few days ago with the release of SUN Microsystems’ fourth quarter and full fiscal year results, for the year ended June 30, 2007. They issued the release to the market/public in the following sequence: on the SUN website via RSS feeds through traditional paid subscriber channels Form 8-K (US mandatory filing) CEO of Sun, Jonathan […]

RSS gets Web 2’d

RSS is recognised as one of the salient tools that enables the distributed nature of the Web, allowing users to get the news pushed to them (who can browse for news on all the world’s websites?). However, this feature did not answer the same problem it sought to address – what happens when you have too many RSS feeds to […]

Media: The first socially-networked president

TechPresident is an online aggregating service about all the US Presidential candidates’ use of online social media. You get to measure their effectiveness, or newsworthiness, on Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, and Technorati. Votojournalism The excellent portmanteau of Voter and Photojournalism, for voter-generated content where users post pictures of the candidates on the campaign trail, online. I think the term will be […]

Facebook, college kids, data mining and the CIA

Facebook is sweeping the world with a sort of frenzy usually reserved for cute robotic toys offloaded onto the Japanese teen market. We all have fun on it, those with addictive personalities flirt with an obsession slightly less consumptive than meth. I was always perplexed about 2 questions in the profile: what is your religion, and what are your political […]

Pre-Close briefing 27 September 2007 : Live

SMS and email questions to +00944858586, email to or use the question facility below. Questions will be answered at the end of the presentation, time permitting. Management’s responses will also be available on this website within 48 hours of the presentation. Please note that questions will be moderated. Overview of the briefing Operating fundamentals across the group have continued […]