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Trawling for advice on Vignette

I recently had the need to get information on Vignette (story server) in a hurry, and followed a certain methodology which is no doubt common to many. In order: Google Vignette’s site Wikipedia Phone dev friends Twitter Post a question on LinkedIn You could seperate the first 3 into old-style information harvesting (even wikipedia), #4 into common sense, and #5 […]

Amazon’s social network

Following on the heels (or should that be the leap that wasn’t pre-looked) of Facebook’s consumer advertising platform Beacon, Amazon has allowed its users to build up records of what they’ve bought and share it with people (friends) on Amazon. Obviously the big prize here is not accumulating friends like other social networks, but actual consumer items. Ca-swipe! Amazon is […]

Tim B-L on the Net, Web and Social Graph

Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web, has a great way of putting internet terminology into focus, from his unique vantage point. I reproduce some concepts here for simplification: The Net aka: The Internet (http, nntp, ftp, email), International Information Infrastructure Era: 1980s-1990s Realisation: It isn’t the cables, it is the computers which are interesting The Web aka: World […]

Facebook: 10 lessons for the enterprise (so far)

Love it or hate it, Facebook and other social media are here and they’re changing the online habits of your employees and customers. It would be churlish to dismiss social media as a fad with no impact on your organisation other than being a tool for employees to squander their billable time; at the same time, Facebook is not going […]

Digital Natives will drive Enterprise 2.0 | Gartner research

Research firm Gartner have published a report underlining what many in the Enterprise 2.0 field, and what the previous post referred to: your organisation will have Web 2.0 technologies in it, some for business and some not, whether you like it or not. This change will come from your current and next generation of workers who grew up with internet […]

Social Networks for the Enterprise |

To the corporate, social media is both a threat and an opportunity. Let’s be real here: disgruntled or sly employees can and will shift sensitive information, get out of the VW camper bus and turn off that hippie compilation tape. However, to ignore that social media allows employees to collaborate as never before, and engages thousands of a difficult target […]

Facebook, college kids, data mining and the CIA

Facebook is sweeping the world with a sort of frenzy usually reserved for cute robotic toys offloaded onto the Japanese teen market. We all have fun on it, those with addictive personalities flirt with an obsession slightly less consumptive than meth. I was always perplexed about 2 questions in the profile: what is your religion, and what are your political […]