Consol locks stakeholders out

Consol Glass is a former listed company on the JSE bourse in South Africa. I wanted to see an annual report done for them for the 2006 financial year, and to my surprise found that I had to log in to view not only their archive of financial reports, but their investor press releases as well!


Getting knowledge on who visits your website is invaluable information, but usually there is a transaction that has to take place. Registering for viewing information that is available elsewhere on the web is anachronistic: what service is Consol offering that is unique? Take time and effort to see Consol’s spin on things? No thanks, I’m off to Google or Moneyweb or my favourite dial-a-quote. Anyways, once you get an ID of a site visitor you can identify how long which analyst spent looking at what pages: Urgh! Creepy and probably unethical.

Injury(Insult)++, I did register and have not received my login key yet.
Methinks this Consol Glass is not transparent…

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