eBay is now a social network too…

ebayWhat better way than to get people to gather around Junk? Er, not talking about MySpace or FaceBook, but eBay who released eBay Neighborhoods the other day.

The design is great, coming hard on the heels of Amazon’s new redesign.

eBay was one of the companies that did really well really quickly in the 2000 – 2005 period, along with Amazon and Yahoo! I think some cumulative laurels were being sat on by Yahoo! and eBay while everyone else got an idea, an API and some numbers behind them.

Some pennies have dropped since then, and I think this is a network going places. eBay is addictive to many people, and thousands make their living from it. That’s an audience that you can’t buy. Now if you could integrate their other offerings Skype and StumbleUpon into this it would be worth joining, even if only to get rid of my 1970’s Bobby Locke set of woods.

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