Facebook, college kids, data mining and the CIA

Facebook is sweeping the world with a sort of frenzy usually reserved for cute robotic toys offloaded onto the Japanese teen market. We all have fun on it, those with addictive personalities flirt with an obsession slightly less consumptive than meth.

I was always perplexed about 2 questions in the profile: what is your religion, and what are your political views? This coming in the same month as the VT shootings in a country where the USA PATRIOT Act 2002 (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) allows the govt to check databases of any library, website or other public office. It would be ingenous. Osama can’t be found with thousands of troops, but by tracking 6 degrees from a pimply-faced frat kid he’ll be found on FB.
Seriously though, the money behind FB is from data mining companies and the CIA’s shadowy “Information Awareness Office“. This would give “social networking” a bit of a Stasi-Orwellian flavour.

A very interesting clip on the popular website Facebook. Includes who has money in it, its origins (including US government offices) and their privacy policies and terms of agreement which state they can use and profit from any of the information you post on the site. Check it out! Original source: http://www.albumoftheday.com/facebook

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