Google buys Jaiku

Google buys out Jaiku, the microblogging platform that is a bit more serious than Twitter and Pownce.
Why? Well, Twitter is the popular kid and has all the gadgets and messaging interfaces, but you cannot extend it beyond its mass appeal interface. Pownce was always aimed at the teen market with its buzz and image-video upload.

No sirree, Jaiku is the effort of some Finns, the most always-on culture on the planet (this is an abysmal sentence…). Threading and an element of moderating allow it to be used in serious apps.

My interest in microblogging is across various theatres (of war), but especially for the enterprise. Real time status updates,  always-accessible team members (phone, email, site, IM) and a bit of sharing on the side.

You know which microblogging service is really underrated? Tumblr. Its more microblog than the others. The others should really be termed something like Gadget-Bridge or PresenceBlogs.

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