Governance issues are reflected in proxy guidelines

Risk Metrics Group provides risk management services and information in many countries around the world. They are also a client of my organisation, in a convulted and irrelevant way.

They recently released their policies around proxy voting: meaning how they will vote or advise voters in any given situation. Not only does it provide rational guidelines as well as promote transparency, it also serves to highlight underlying sentiment amongst professional investors.

The methodology in drawing such guidelines up includes polling the investment community, and the issues that they see as most pertinent are included in the document. Amongst others, they are:

  • executive compensation practices
  • board accountability and oversight
  • the quality of financial reporting

The first point is becoming a part of an amplified chorus; the second is interesting in that it alludes to board members not fully aware of the financial (not business and operational) risks of their enterprises and the lack of accountability to shareholders they therefore exercise; but the third seems to be news. Poor accounting practices? Can that be resolved?

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