Knowledge and the communicating thereof

In an important body of knowledge, Thinking for a Living, Thomas Davenport argues that knowledge workers don’t respond to normal methods of management and extracting value from them. They demand the tools

Forrester Research graphs

Dimension Data recently published a paper, Seven Key Considerations for Deploying Unified Communications Successfully, by Gavin Hill. I wish their superlative research allowed one to comment or engage with it (missed opportunity), but to the 7 points:

  1. Organisational Culture and Change Management
  2. Environmental Considerations
  3. Architecture
  4. Security
  5. Ongoing Support
  6. Enterprise Integration
  7. Project Management

Hill readily acknowledges the impact that IM is having on the enterprise, as well as Presence and collaboration servers (Sharepoint). If knowledge workers are to have the autonomy and tools made available to them to facilitate enterprise 2.0 behaviours, their CIOs and support staff would do well to read this paper.

Forrester Research graphs
Graphs by Forrester

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