Knowledge Management is Enterprise 2.0

The opportunity to make KM a byproduct of work was what got me excited about web 2.0 when I first encountered it – Bill Hives

Knowledge management (KM) is the new practice (1995?) of orchestrating a set of practices to capture, share and use information that comes into an organisation, in order to teach, make aware or compete.

It sounded a bit fuzzy when I read it in a Business 2.0 insert in 1998. I remembered the name and the great organograms and Adobe-type images they used, but I felt the whole thing was a bit too fuzzy. Granted, I didn’t know anything about corporate culture and competitive principles at that stage. Now I do.

Like many good ideas that were shelved post dot-bomb, KM makes so much sense know. Think about your employees coming across interesting information online and, with a click, bookmarking for all others to see. Or adding to the Wiki. Or posting about in their blog. Or sending a tweet (this verbage has to go).  Or tagging.

This has been big news in the US earlier this year,  and we’re on this late <sigh />

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