Management by Gardening

Daisy, Argyranthemum frutescens, Asteraceae
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A folksy look at putting thoughts on one of my accidental hobbies down.

  1. You’ll make mistakes until you find out what your garden is able to be
  2. You’ll lose plants through things that are out of your control. You’ll lose even more flowers as they are more delicate. But you’ll gain through windfall and pleasant surprises, so it all balances in the end
  3. Until you figure out where the sun shines on your garden and where the rain falls in it, you’re going to be losing
  4. Some plants are made for your environment. A half-hour’s drive away and they struggle
  5. Weeds are tough. Weeds try to look like plants, grow rapidly and will take over your garden. You have to decide if you are willing to recognise and fight weeds or let them flourish and pass them off as flowers
  6. Some favourite parts of your garden have to be sacrificed. You ‘ll know when that time comes, and when you have to take your secateurs to it. Making the call and living with the consequences is a decision you have to make.
  7. Plants get a shock when being planted, even more so when being transplanted. Give them time and they’ll catch up
  8. Many shrubs like to be left alone and get along with it
  9. Harvesting your vegetables is a primal joy, to be time right. When you harvest too late, they go to seed. When you harvest too early, the taste and future growth is lessened
  10. Pruning and paring back is ugly at first – but its as necessary as providing fertiliser.
  11. You could fake a garden by bringing in an interior decorator and moving pots and grown plants around. However, they won’t be attuned to the soil and will suffer the usual shock of being planted – as they aren’t seedlings they’ll suffer more
  12. A garden is an investment in time and tactics
  13. You can’t stop the bugs. Just like you can’t stop the growth
  14. Put a plant in a small container and it will outgrow it. You can cut it back for so long, but eventually it will die
  15. Shrubs and trees create structure, flowers create focal points. The former can be beautiful, the latter can tie things together – but each has its primary role.

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