Media: Blair spins around

Tony Blair rounded on the media this week, calling it a ‘feral beast’, only out to create ‘impact’, and singled out The Independent for special vitriol.

One may agree with his rant, especially when taking into account the rabid sensationalism of the British Media. But, the first rule of dissecting politics: cherchez l’argent. In this case, Rupert Murdoch of The Sun had backed Tony and his ‘Cool Brittania‘ campaign back in the 1990s, as well as the Iraqi debacle and the lies around that. Blair was a master of spin, having been impressed by Clinton’s 1992 campaign. Watch “The Queen” for an additional view.

Sure, the media is a prostitute, but so too are many other forms of earning one’s daily bread. Blair “rode the tiger rather than being eaten by it“, much as did Diana, and now wants to cry foul.

This is not a political weblog, but about media in general.
Are the two still distinguishable?

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