media: YouTube’s effect on the 2008 presidential campaign

I blogged last week about and the impact Elections 2.0 is having on the campaigns. Well, YouTube has just upped the ante by getting in on a debate where voters are sending in video messages to presidential hopefuls (much like sending an sms to a live panel show). Read it at the

“YouTube, which did not exist during the last presidential campaign, has already had an impact on this one. More than 2.5 million people have viewed the video I’ve Got A Crush … On Obama since it was posted last month and a follow-up about women fighting over Mr Obama and Rudy Giuliani, the Republican frontrunner, has been watched more than 500,000 times since it appeared last week. A Hillary Clinton campaign spoof on the final episode of the Sopranos was also popular.”

“YouTube effectively knocked the former Republican senator George Allen out of the race . A video of him last summer referring to a dark-skinned Virginian as “macaca” cost him re-election to the senate and a tilt at the presidency.”

Update: August 2, 2007: cynical, media-aware opposite viewpoint | Guardian

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