Micro-blogging = brief asides

Since I found out about micro-blogging, I’ve been trying to think of ways to utilise this tool in the enterprise. I’m not convinced by certain things I’ve seen, while other bits have impressed. Here are some of the rationales:

  • always letting people know: what are you doing? (they can check your blog or subscribe mobile to updates).
    This works for Barack Obama, and mall rats, and once or twice for me. Not convinced.
  • Getting latest updates via a channel.
    This can get so irritating, I subscribed to Muti’s updates on Jaiku and went crazy every 2 minutes, so I unsubscribed. The new Nokias do a great job of subscribing to RSS feeds. I’m convinced that along with the camera and text absorption into the phone, RSS feeds delivered to phone is a killer app. Killer! Therefore the channels may be a bit out of time. Boo.
  • As a sideblog. Sometimes a blog is too formal for a one-liner. Just like a printed letter is too slow for email, and email has become too formal when you can send an IM, a sideblog is, well, an aside. Its something you feel ought to be published, but does not warrant too much http to process. It’s like in a newspaper, page 2, “the world in brief”, those snippets. Brilliant.

In the meantime, “sideblog”needs to enter the Public Knowledge Repository.

Updates: Dominic Jones on Twitter for IR wires, and IMHO a “tipping point” article fromĀ  ZDNet

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