New! Free! XBRL tool for accountants

Ok, the heading is misleading and would constitute baiting if I cared enough.

Found via Dianne Mueller and sure to become an internet meme. Explaining an accounting process need not be dry when you see these cartoons (click on the image). Sure to give the Plain English versions a run for their money.

top_imgFrom JICPA, the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

On a related topic, the discussion is around Twitter replacing RSS as a news feed of choice for online media types. I dramatically cut my RSS reading time and use Twitter because the idea is germinated on Twitter before it becomes a post – So Dianne tweeted about this, and then did her post.

Apart from the fact that ou can pull RSS into Twitter,  expecting users to congregate around a news reader to passively consume media is actually, despite RSS and other add-ons, a very Web 1.0 concept. We ought to know better.

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