Pravin Gordhan named new Financial Minister

A few minutes ago the announcement was made that Pravin Gordhan, current Commissioner for SARS, has been handed the position of Finance Minister. Current minister, Trevor Manuel, moves on to run a new economic planning commission.

Pravin Gordhan
Pravin Gordhan

Gordhan has spoken at XBRL events in South Africa, and believes the standard will be an accepted mode of business reporting. He has approved XBRL activity at SARS, and may lead with accepting corporate tax returns.

Extensible Business Reporting has undoubtably got the kinetic energy to become a political football. XBRL seems to have been nurtured by outgoing US SEC chairman Cox, but owing to the fiascos that happened on his watch, it made sense that new chairman Shapiro would distance herself from it, saying it was not a priority.

What this will mean for XBRL adoption in South Africa is going to be a ¬†question as big in these parts as the endless waiting for last year’s SEC mandate.

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