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Just like the first eight of engerland, Microsoft get to the loose ball slowly, but they drive on relentlessly, onward and on. Pardon the analogy, but that’s how MS is being interpreted by my RWC2007-addled brain. They are johnny-come-lately (not Wilkinson) along with other ERM giants to the benefits of enterprise 2.0, but once they’ve arrived their presence is felt. SharePoint had already adopted blogs and wikis for internal use in its product, today they cemented that vision.

Taken from McManus’ article:

Today Microsoft is announcing two strategic partnerships, with enterprise software company Atlassian and RSS solutions vendor NewsGator. The partnerships link togther Microsoft’s SharePoint product with Atlassian’s wiki collaboration product Confluence and a new offering from Newsgator called ‘NewsGator Social Sites’, a collection of site templates, profiles, Web parts and middleware for SharePoint. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a key product for Microsoft – it has collaboration, business intelligence, content management, search and “social computing” capabilities (Microsoft’s term for ‘web 2.0′, according to this page on Microsoft’s website).

The aim of the partnerships is to add more “social computing platform” capabilities to SharePoint, which up till now has mainly been promoted as an “enterprise productivity platform”. In other words, Microsoft is adding more web 2.0 functionality (e.g. collaboration, personal publishing) to SharePoint, using best of breed web products from Atlassian and Newsgator.

Update: definitive article from Susan Scrupski.

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