Social Networks for the Enterprise |

To the corporate, social media is both a threat and an opportunity. Let’s be real here: disgruntled or sly employees can and will shift sensitive information, get out of the VW camper bus and turn off that hippie compilation tape.

However, to ignore that social media allows employees to collaborate as never before, and engages thousands of a difficult target media-savvy target market (Gen X and Y) to sign up for permission marketing, for free, is a crime against reason. Please leave the Dros and take your buffalo wings to go.

Microsoft, that paragon of hitching onto good ideas to turn a buck, has pimped out Sharepoint (their intranet-portal-document management – content management-no design entity) to include Blogs and Wikis.

No Bill, those aren’t tribes in Lord of the Rings. They actually allow employees to share information and collaborate more than any other form of KM.

Have you noticed the skills shortage/brain drain? Do you know that you average Facebook user in any country is a college graduate with a three to four year degree and is internet savvy to boot, meaning they will look for books, cars, partners and …jobs online? Go ahead and block Facebook without thinking strategically about it, and while you’re at it shut down half your grad recruitment programme.

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