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Next Fifteen Communications Group’s annual report claims to be the first to incorporate weblog functionality into it.

‘We have an opportunity to expand the role of the annual report,’ comments Tim Dyson, chief executive of Next Fifteen. ‘We can transform it from a relatively dry summary of what’s gone on over the last year into a means of having a dialogue with our shareholders about all of the issues that the report raises.’

On the annual report microsite, one has a link (in a few sections) linking to a standalone page with a post, allowing comment.


and this links to another different page (new window):


Well done. As one who works in corporate communications. I was wondering when someone would attempt this. Merging investor relations with social media/enterprise 2.0 is a keen interest of mine.

Having said that, I feel some opportunities were missed (I would say that, wouldn’t I?).

1. The blog should be part of the annual report.
Pop-up, pop-out, ajax, iframe: whatever. You cannot post alongside it, you have to open a window to a different site. I pictured reading a page and seeing all the commentary beneath it, instead the post is not part of the annual report (ie: not signed off by the auditors).

2. It says blog but somehow doesn’t feel like it

  • No RSS feeds, so one can’t be updated by the blog, one has to visit the page. Enough to disqualify it as a blog per se
  • This is a homemade blog if you inspect the code. Valiant effort, but font tags and not half as well optimised as the usual blogging engines
  • The links to Digg and Delicious would make IR novices more familiar if you used icons or a whats this?
  • No trackbacks or comments RSS – not serious

3. Feels too controlled

Found out about this the same day as the BlogCouncil. This feels like a good IR idea that somehow got hijacked by legal and company secretarial. Written in ASP.Net code goes some way to explaining. Lose the lawyers in the brief, and get some PHP cowboys in.

Nevertheless, congratulations to Next 15. Here’s to seeing more uses of social media in IR!

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