The state of Enterprise 2.0 | Dion Hinchcliffe

On ZDNet; Dion does a sound milestone analysis with some lessons that bear consolidation at this point. I repeat them here along with his graphic:

Lesson #1:     Enterprise 2.0 is going to happen in your organization with you or without you.
Lesson #2:     Effective Enterprise 2.0 seems to involve more than just blogs and wikis.
Lesson #3:     Enterprise 2.0 is more a state of mind than a product you can purchase.
Lesson #4:     Most businesses still need to educate their workers on the techniques and best practices of Enterprise 2.0 and social media.
Lesson #5:     The benefits of Enterprise 2.0 can be dramatic, but only builds steadily over time.
Lesson #6:     Enterprise 2.0 doesn’t seem to put older IT systems out of business.
Lesson #7:     Your organization will begin to change in new ways because of Enterprise 2.0. Be ready.


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